19 ROUNDS with Kaitlyn Andrews-Rice

Kaitlyn, being awesome

Get to know Kaitlyn Andrews-RiceSplit Lip‘s former Flash Fiction Editor and current Editor-in-Chief, in our newest feature, 19 Rounds:

1. Early bird or night owl?
Ask my son who wakes up at 4 (sometimes 5) am…kidding. Early bird with a giant bucket of coffee.

2. What was your worst haircut?
The Jennifer Aniston, which my middle school self asked for in a Paris salon like a top-notch American tourist. I have pictures. Do you want pictures? (You do not want pictures.)

(Interviewer note — we want pictures.)

3. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Dave Matthews Band, #41 (Don’t judge). Followed VERY closely by Dixie Chicks’ “Not Ready to Make Nice,” a song which is sadly still applicable personally and politically

4. Can you roll your tongue?
You bet.

5. Mayonnaise: yes or no?
Yes, but not too much.

6. What is your least favorite word to come across when reading a book or story?

7. Which movie was better than the book?
The Devil Wears Prada tied with Fight Club

8. What was your first concert?
Fiona Apple

9. It’s Friday night. You’re home alone. What did you order for dinner and what’s on the TV?
Sushi. QVC. (Again, don’t judge. I see you judging.)

10. How do you take your coffee?

11. What expression do you use that most people have never heard?
Bang a left and take a “uey” AKA Turn left and take a u-turn in Bostonian

12. What movie have you seen the most times?
Clueless. Followed VERY closely by Sister Act 2 (Only 2, never 1).

13. What is the best thing you cook or bake?
BBQ Chicken

14. Finish this sentence: More people should be reading….
Split Lip Magazine? Oh, and George Saunders, but I think everyone is already doing that. 

15. Favorite time-waster?

16. What’s the hardest thing about writing?

17. What’s the best thing about writing?

18. What is your favorite sentence from a short story or poem?
“At noon another load of raccoons comes in and Claude takes them out back of the office and executes them with a tire iron.” — George Saunders, The 400-Pound CEO

19. What question were you hoping to be asked?
Margarita or Sangria?


For more about Kaitlyn, check out her bio, website, and latest story in Booth

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