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 You know those letters you get at Christmas that tell you what your friends and relatives and possibly a neighbor you don’t remember sharing a street with have all been up to? What if those letters were from your favorite writers and filled with wonderful things to read?

That’s what the FAM Newsletter is: your source for all the wonderful work you may have missed or just want to read again. The author’s previous Split Lip work can be found by clicking on their name, and their good news is also hyperlinked.

And there is so much good news to share!

Cheryl Diane Kidder‘s piece “Beds” will be published in Outpost19‘s “Best New Fiction and Nonfiction from California,” coming out in June.

Dorothy Rice has a new essay in Proximity, “Tianjin Daughter.”

Fiction reader Lori Sambol Brody published “The Girls at the Kaiulani Resort” at Sundog Lit.

Split Lip poetry reader Michelle Lewis was a semifinalist for Ahsahta Press’ Sawtooth Poetry Prize.

Paul Luikart’s artwork featured in the poetry section of the most recent Up the Staircase.

Jill Darling has published a book of poetry, “a geography of syntax.”

Michele Finn Johnson published “The Erratic Flight Patterns of Bats” at The Adroit Journal:

Nina Alvarez reviews Brian Blanchfield’s Proxies in Tupelo Quarterly. Her press, Cosmographia Books, has 3 books coming out this Summer/Fall: SAVING FAITH, by Elizabeth Osta; ISLAND CHAINS by Patti Lavell, and IT JUST SO HAPPENED by Steve Huff. 

Matt Young was interviewed by So Say We All and is teaching a class with them.  He will be featured in their reading series June 10, reading from his forthcoming book (Eat the Apple, Bloomsbury 2018).

Eric Blix was interviewed by Fear No Lit and his  new book Physically Alarming Men is available for pre-order.

Amorak Huey‘s story “Nonessential Organ” was recently published in Monkeybicycle.

Ilana Masad published an essay, “Queering the ‘I’: On First-Person LGBTQ Narratives,” at Literary Hub.

Michael Schmeltzer published “Give Yourself to the Falling Sky” at Proximity Magazine.

Chance Dibben‘s story “Nest” is up at Cheap Pop.

Wren James & his 4-year-old son Wesley James collaborated on the poem “Pink Whale With Green Legs” in Unlost Journal.

Alina Stefanescu‘s story “Thirty Minutes” has been published at Flock and her book Stories to Read Aloud to Your Fetus is available for pre-order.

Siobhan Welch published “What Became of Marie Taglioni?” at Cheap Pop,  “The Coming” at Hobart, and “The Sky Was Electric Blue” and “Kendrick Court, July 1983” at Citron Review. 

Laura Citino has a piece in Hair Trigger 2.0 and three flash fictions at Compose. She was also accepted into Tin House’s summer workshop.

Devin Kelly published 3 poems in Gulf Stream Lit Mag: “My Mother Birthed My Brother Just Months Before Her Father Died,” “Poem with the Smell of Coffee Inside,” and “Statement for the End of Language.” 

Elisa Gabbert answered “How Do Writers Find Their Voice?” for Electric Lit’s Dear Blunt Instrument.

Julian K. Jarboe‘s story “My Voice Will Keep the Record” is up at Paper Darts.

Meghan McClure’s chapbook “Portrait of a Body in Wreckages” was chosen for this year’s Newfound prose prize by judge Kathy Fish.

Jared Yates Sexton‘s book The People Are Going to Rise Like the Waters Upon Your Shore is available for pre-order.

Kathleen Rooney interviewed Jessica Anne in the Chicago Tribune.

Kristy Bowen has poems from How to Write a Love Poem in a Time of War in Hobart.

Jen Palmares Meadows has new nonfiction entitled “Pretty Potion” at Hobart.

Chloe N. Clark has three poems up at Hobart. 

Poetry reader Shea Stripling published a new book of poetry entitled No One Will Ever Believe You.

Woody Evans has a new blog, The Fake News Dispatch.

Melissa Matthewson has a nonfiction piece, “Four Chambers,” at New Delta Review. 

Melissa Wiley‘s essay “The Water Goddess” is up at The Rumpus:

Flash fiction editor Maureen Langloss‘s story “Reclaimed Wood” was recently published in Atticus Review.

Robert Kloss has started a TinyLetter.

Matthew Sirois reviewed A Field Guide to Murder and Fly Fishing by Tim Weed in Necessary Fiction.

Gayle Brandeis has two books coming out this year, both available for pre-order: a collection of poetry, The Selfless Bliss of the Body (Finishing Line Press, June) and a memoir, The Art of Misdiagnosis (Beacon Press, November).

Fiction reader Tommy Dean, Michele Finn Johnson, Amy Silverberg, Monet P. Thomas, James Yates , and Wren James were all longlisted for Wigleaf’s Top 50 Very Short Fictions of 2017.

Kara Vernor and Cathy Ulrich made Wigleaf’s Top 50 Very Short Fictions of 2017 list.


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